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Yes I have MS But...

...This Page is for Family and Friends of People with MS.

This page was written during a bad relapse and as most of us do we complain about MS.

I decided to complain in writing. This is not to be taken seriously, it was written in a joking, sarcastic manner.

Hello, My Name is Dee and I have MS. I was diagnosed November 7th, 2000 (Election Day). I use Tysabri and have done so for almost 9 years now. I was in the clinical trial for Avonex + Tysabri and was luckily on the real thing during the trial. I have been relapse free since I started Tysabri and have had no changes on my MRI as well.

I go on an MS Cruise every year and it's a blast. You should join us, click here for cruise information and cruising with disabilities. You'll find the ad for the cruise in the National MS Society's Magazine.

I am a patient advocate and ambassador for Biogen/Idec now doing seminars about my experience with Tysabri. I enjoy it, I guess I'm a ham. I met David Lander (Squiggy) at one of the conferences I did, he was a guest speaker as well. He had just started taking Tysabri and asked me if he could pick my brain a little since I have been on it so long.

I run the Frederick County MS Support Group. I have a great bunch of people in my group. I enjoy seeing them every month. For fun I've started taking guitar lessons and going to concerts which I never thought I would do again considering all the walking.... no - great parking and great seats for people with disabilities. I've met a few celebrity singers along the way. The one that sticks in my mind the most is Jason Aldean, I gave him some of my guitar pics that have a bumpy grip on them and he looked at me and said "is this brail". He and his band were riding around on these fast two wheel scooters and just decided to pull up to my car as we were unloading. At the end of the concert he made sure I got his actual (not the ones made to throw out to the audience) guitar pic for my lessons.

Off topic: If you ever need a band for a fundraiser, wedding, etc. please check out my long time friend's band Doctor's Orders... I know, funny name to us MSers since we see a lot of actual doctors orders, but these Doctor's Orders are great. Click Here for more information, including videos. I am going to give the NMSS and other organizations some promotional material for them especially because of the name, but more because they are awesome.

Feel free to send me an email: